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grow on you!"

-Jeffery Tallmer, NY POST

"A celebration of skill, diversity, culture and FUN!"

-Leslie Moore, District Principal, NYC DOE

"My praise for the dynamic performing duo,

Stephen Ringold and Kim Winslow,

who together make up the Grand Falloons

is truly unending!"

-Amanda Smith, Program Manager, Brooklyn Children's Museum

"I cannot recommend this presentation by

The Grand Falloons  too highly.  If your school or organization

is looking for a hilarious, dynamic, and informative show linked

to curriculum and environmental stewardship, Professor W.’s Earth Science Circus is for you."

-Patrick Hess, Green School Coordinator NYC DOE

"Kids absolutley LOVED 

the performance! 

Their excitement built a passion

for the subject matter!"

-Liz Sweedy, Clean Communities Director, Morris County

"A Chaplainesque


-Mel Gussow, NY TIMES

Links to other Falloon Sites:    Our Family Theater Site:

The Falloons' Annotated Christmas Carol at the Morgan Library and Museum:

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