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Our Earth:

What A Gas!

With enhanced curriculum options for K through 8th Grade!

Follow the further adventures of Professor Winkleburger and Mr. Meatloaf as they

examine the "Bubble," of our atmosphere. 

With :

***The Magic of Energy Conservation   

***Juggling the Balance Of Nature   

***Live Music from the Great American

***Audience Participation with your students
     as Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and
     The Ridiculous Poetry Dance

***Professor Winkleburger Illustrates Atoms
     and Molecules with Large Scale Bubble 
     Sculptures, including: 

                          The Square Bubble!

***Ending with the Call and Response Story
                           Telling the tale of: 

      Super Custodian Meets the Garbage Beast!

While laughing so hard their bellies ache our young students


The Atoms and Molecules that are the basic building blocks of our life

The Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon Exchange between the Plant and Animal Kingdom

How Litter and Waste threaten that delicate exchange

The Simple Solutions of Waste Reduction and Energy Conservation to help take care of OUR EARTH

It all sounds rather esoteric for the K-8 set but with the aide of our Circus Skills, Live Music and Classic Family Comedy we not only make it accessible, but build a passion in the students to find out more!

"Out of an amazing repertoire of assemblies this school year,

your Science Day assembly may have been the BEST!"                                                                                                       -Ralph J. Pesapane,

Principal, Southern Blvd. School, Chatham, NJ

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