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In the course of our 45-minute performance Professor Winkleburger and his "guest," Mr. Meatloaf, take us on a unique and lively exploration of "Our Earth," at the first meeting of the Science Club!

 With Magical Disappearing Garbage!

 Juggling Bottles and Boxes! 

 Audience Participation illustrating the Water Cycle

 with Costumes,  Streamers, Juggling and Bell Choirs !

 Live Musical Duets about Littering and Recycling!

 Plate Spinning, Storytelling, Pop Quizes




                                                                                                           (drum roll)

                                                                         Classic Comedy with Good Old Fashioned 


                                                                              Hold Your Belly Laughter!

The Children EXPERIENCE the questions:

***What is litter?

***Where does litter come from?

***What can we do about it?

***What is a closed Eco-system?

***Where do the materials of their everyday life originate?

***What are limited resources?

***What happens to refuse one you put it out for collection?

***How, What and Why Recycle?


These relatively abstract concepts are made not only

accessible but EXHILARATING! by the Grand Falloons

I cannot recommend this presentation by the Grand Falloons too highly. 
If you are looking for a hilarious, dynamic and informative show linked to

and environmental stewardship, the Earth Science Circus is for you!

-Patrick Hess, Green School Coordinator, NYC Department of Education

      Professor W's 

Earth Science Circus!

Grades K through 6                                            

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