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***The Simple Science of the Water Cycle

***Where the STUFF in their everyday life comes from

***Why we don't throw that STUFF on the ground

***What happens to that STUFF once they throw it away

***What Recycling is


***How, even they, can help keep our Beautiful Earth Clean!

And it all starts when the Professor asks the simple question: "If nature works in cycles,
how can we work more like nature?"

 Splish! Splash!
I See trash!

The Falloons' Pre-K Show!

They will spend the rest of the day singing Captain Litter's theme song:

Hey! Ho! Let's Recycle!

Splish Splash was wonderful, very entertaining and filled with "catchy tunes," for our young ones! Above all, it taught our Fours and STARS the importance of recycling.

-Cindy Stevens, Director at RCS Pre-School

Your 3, 4 and 5 year olds will LOVE the cartoon like silliness of Professor Winkleburger and Mr. Meatloaf as they take all the Live Music from their repertoire and combine it with Juggling, Magic, Bell Choirs, Puppets, Cowboys and Pirates in a whacky, joyful ride that teaches them:

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