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The Ways OF     Water!           

In the Ways Of Water

The Falloons take these esoteric subjects…..

Once Again, Professor Winkleburger  is hoping his guest expert will finally
show up and, once again, to the absolute delight of the children in our audience,
the expert 
has sent his neighbor, Mr. Meatloaf, in his stead.

Who would have thought Meatloaf's Fractured Fairytale version

of Homer’s The  Odyssey  would start us off on a journey

examining the scientific miracle that is Water?!


  • The Water Cycle

  • The Atomic Structure of Water

  • What Makes Water Evaporate

  • What Are Clouds

  • How Water Is the PERFECT Conveyer
    of Nutrients Into Our Bodies, Our Fields,
    Our Plants and...

…….and make them not only accessible but EXHILARATING for our K-8 audience!


***A Fractured Fairytale of Homer's The Odyssey twisted into a story of the Water Cycle:

The Adventure Of The Golden Raindrop

***Life Size Puppetry   

***The Magical Linking Rings of Oxygen and Hydrogen

***Atomic Juggling

***Pirates, Sing Alongs, Bubble Sculptures, Classic Comedy and...

***More Live Music Then Ever Before!

Grades K through 7    

When The Falloons go  ELECTRIC  we start to see how that same science that makes water the perfect conveyer of life, makes it the perfect conveyer of Litter, Lawn Waste and ALL our daily dreck down our streets, into our Storm Drains and out into our Streams, Ponds, Rivers Lakes and Oceans 

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